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What we do

Industry equipment solutions

Sustainable and longterm modern solutions

Here at Match Made In Hel, we have specialized in multiple industries and types of equipment. We will take general projects, but we will also handle deeply customized projects to ease your operations and improve your business productivity.

Share your vision with us and let us take your dreams and turn them into reality.

Metal applications can be extremely diversified and may cover general tools or equipment, as well as unique industry equipment designed and made from scratch.

We have the tools and equipment to play with metallic components and manipulate them.

The woodworking industry will never die, but it will constantly evolve. We try to provide new and modern solutions to woodworking solutions – the kind of equipment you cannot find anywhere else.

Get in touch with us and let us provide solutions to your unique needs.

Plastics and polymers may seem easy to deal with, but jobs can be time consuming without the optimal equipment. This is when we kick in to design your equipment based on your operations.

Most of our plastic related projects involve deeply customized solutions.

It is no surprise that stone can be a challenge. Equipment for this industry has not changed too much overtime, but we aim to boost your business efficiency by providing modern and unique parts.

Tell us more about your business applications and let us come up with the optimal solutions.