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High end manufacturing of industry equipment.

Here at Match Made In Hel, we have specialized in industry tools and equipment for a wide variety of fields – based in Hel, Poland, we ship internationally.

Poland’s #1 industry equipment manufacturer

We provide both general and customized parts and equipment.

We work based on our customers’ needs and requests. Many of the products we provide are based on general industry requirements.


However, we can take on any project. It can be customized in the smallest needs based on your company’s requirements. From heavy duty equipment to small tools, we have the experience to tackle your project at the highest quality standards.

We eliminate the need to compromise for whatever the market has in store – get in touch with us and get your custom equipment today.

Who we can help

Our equipment manufacturing services cover a plethora of industries.

Metal applications

No matter what metallic equipment you need, our standards will not disappoint.


From metallic equipment and woodworking tools, we have an impressive experience with this industry.


We will provide access to custom tools required for the plastic industry.

Stone applications

Stone cutting and other similar applications are much easier with our high end equipment.

Putting our customers' needs first

Each project is based on your unique needs – be it deeply customized or general.

Easy to access, easy to collaborate with

We provide individual solutions at a cost efficient rate.

Use code MATCHMADEINHEL for 25% off your first purchase.

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Shameless Tease: The thrusting vibrator that’s breaking the internet

This particular sex toy has caught the storm for all the right reasons. Scan through any sex toy website or adult social media page, and you’ll stumble upon this popular
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Contact us and tell us more about your industry, as well as your company and unique necessities.


We will make suggestions based on our experience, yet the final decision will always belong to you.

We will deliver your industry equipment and allow you to test it in order to convince yourself.

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Shameless Tease: The thrusting vibrator that’s breaking the internet

This particular sex toy has caught the storm for all the right reasons. Scan through any sex toy website or adult social media page, and you’ll stumble upon this popular toy named Shameless Tease. However, don’t just confuse this with any random vibrator; the Shameless Tease sex toy falls under the “thrusting vibes” category. If you visit any online store or a modern sex toy shop, you will find a buffer of phallic sex toys marketed for their lifelike “thrusting” motion. And as their name suggests, these thrusting vibrators are crucially different from a general buzzing vibrator.

What exactly sets a thrusting vibrator apart from the rest of the bunch?

According to sexologist Marla Renee Stewart, thrusting toys typically use a motor to cause the in-and-out motion while keeping the vibrations on. She says…

“While most vibrators give the outside stimulation, a thrusting toy is made to penetrate. It’s different from dildos and vibrators in that the machine penetrates independently rather than someone controlling the thrust itself.”

Therefore major factor separating the thrusting vibrator from the normal one is that the former can be used for insertional pleasure. While clitoral stimulation on its own can feel great, it’s not the only way to experience orgasm. At times, that in-and-out motion of penetration feels excellent, too, and that’s where a thruster comes in.

Who is this Shameless Tease vibrator for then?

If you enjoy the sensation of penetrative thrusting, the thrusting vibes, mainly the Shameless tease, are built for you.

BUT, if you’re someone, like me, who enjoys internal and external stimulation to achieve orgasm, don’t rule thrusters out, either! The Shameless Tease comes with a clitoral stimulator that helps dual stimulation and results in some fantastic moments.

Why is the Shameless Tease Vibrator so popular?

There are several reasons why this thrusting vibrator has become a hot topic in recent months. The power-packed Shameless Tease Thrusting Vibrator delivers earth-shaking pleasure with 4 functions of thrusting, an impressive girth, and an external rabbit arm. This insanely powerful massager will send you speeding towards ecstasy with up to 850 thrusts per minute.

You can also control the intensity of your pleasure with 4 functions of thrusting styles. Using the sleek control buttons, you can effortlessly flicker through each function to find the rhythm that moves you.

Lastly, the silky smooth silicone and gold plated decor base make this vibrator a stylish addition to any pleasure toy box.

You get up to 70 minutes of passionate pulsations with the sleek 3-button controls and 2 robust motors. The battery life is commendable as well. The compact size and travel lock button feature make this game-changing massager the perfect travel companion and let you embrace knee-shaking pleasure wherever your fantasies take you.

My take on the Shameless Tease thrusting vibrator

I will be honest with you. I didn’t expect much from this as I have never been a fan of thrusting vibrators. When I first met this hot-pink silicone thrusting vibrator, I felt a sensation I typically don’t upon getting a new sex toy. That’s because, at first glance, it may look like any other rabbit-style vibrator, but upon turning it on, I realized how powerful it was. I was met with some serious horsepower!

With four thrusting modes at 850 (yes, 850) thrusts per minute, it was immediately apparent that the Shameless Tease thrusting toy means business. And yes, I did take some time to prepare mentally.

As it turned out, though, I didn’t need to prepare (beyond going for some water-based lube) physically, and I found the thrusting vibrator to feel quite incredible. I urge first-time users to use thrusting vibrators at lower levels to get accustomed to it. This is mainly because a thrusting vibrator is focused on penetrative pleasure; it doesn’t feel exactly like sex. Not only because the texture feels different but also because a penis hits your vagina differently, don’t get me wrong, the toy feels great in its own, unique way, though, as it moves faster than any human body ever could, but it could just be a matter of taste. In most cases, it perfectly hits the G-spot with its slightly curved shaft.

My favorite component of this specific versatile thruster is its rabbit-style clitoral stimulator. The design of the ears in the Shameless Tease sex toy just fits perfectly with the anatomy, and gosh, it ruins my sheets faster than any thrusting vibrator I have ever used.


The thrusting vibrators at Twice Tonight pack all the intensity of a full-on sex machine into a portable double-the-pleasure rabbit-shaped body with a thick, round-tipped shaft and a full-coverage flickering external stimulator.

This unapologetically powerful device thrusts up and down in short, powerful bursts up to 850 times per minute. And this is incredible when compared to its competition which can barely hit 700 at max. The Shameless Tease’s tip naturally targets the erogenous zones deep inside the vagina. When that gentle angle is paired with the thrusting power, you have some genuinely intense g-spot massage potential. So there are more than enough reasons it is the top choice of women globally.



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